External resource bank

There are a wide range of excellent resources for developing research ideas about internationalisation or with international students beyond this website, which are listed below. Any additions to this page are welcome by contacting us.

  1. Recorded lectures
  2. Networks and conferences

Recorded lectures

Centre for Global Higher Education recorded events

Centre for International Higher Education YouTube channel

Critical Internationalization Studies Masterclass online library of classes

Critical Internationalization Studies Network recorded network meetings

Elspeth Jones’ “International Educator Conversations” YouTube channel

Networks and conferences

Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), including the Council on International Higher Education (CIHE)

Consortium on Higher Education Researchers (CHER)

Critical Internationalization Studies Network (CISN)

European Network on International Student Mobility (ENIS)

Society for Research into Higher Education, including the International Research and Researchers special interest group

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