The problem with maps

Research with international students, and indeed on internationalisation in general, often starts with or refers to a map of the world, like this book cover from my own work: Mapping is also a common theme in title action verbs, and is often treated as unproblematic. But the conventional world map that gets taught in manyContinue reading “The problem with maps”

Why do we need this website?

Written by Jenna Mittelmeier If you’ve made it to this post, then welcome to the new Research with International Students website! This resource bank is developed by myself and my colleague Sylvie Lomer, with thanks to several colleagues who shaped our thinking along the way. The website is intended as a resource for researchers whoContinue reading “Why do we need this website?”

Research with international students: Reflecting on critical and conceptual methodological considerations 

Originally posted on Critical Internationalization Studies Network:
By Dr. Jenna Mittelmeier, Dr. Sylvie Lomer, and Dr. Kalyani Unkule Our upcoming edited volume Research with International Students: Critical Conceptual and Methodological Considerations (published by Routledge in 2023) aims to provide comprehensive methodological guidance for researchers who include international students as participants. Our interest in developing this…