Essentials Reading List

A starting point

This list is designed as an essential introduction to the subfield related to research with international students and its wider field of international higher education. It is intended as a list of can’t-miss papers that we believe are a starting point for newer researchers who would like to gain a critical introduction to this topic.

Critical Internationalisation: A Brief Introduction

Aman, R. (2015). In the name of interculturality: On colonial legacies of intercultural education. British Education Research Journal, 41(3), 520-534.

Deuchar, A. (2022). The problem with international students’ ‘experiences’ and the promise of their practices: Reanimating research about international students in higher education. British Educational Research Journal.

Harrison, N. (2015). Practice, problems and power in “internationalisation at home”: Critical reflections on recent research evidence. Teaching in Higher Education, 20(4), 412–430.

Heng, T. T. (2018). Different is not deficient: Contradicting stereotypes of Chinese international students in US higher education. Studies in Higher Education, 43(1), 22-36.

Jones, E. (2017). Problematizing and reimagining the notion of ‘international student experience’. Studies in Higher Education, 42(5), 933-943. 

Madge, C., Raghuram, P., & Noxolo, P. (2014). Conceptualizing international education: From international student to international study. Progress in Human Geography, 39(6), 681-701.   

Majee, U. S., & Ress, S. B. (2020). Colonial legacies in internationalisation of higher education: Racial justice and geopolitical redress in South Africa and Brazil. Compare, 50(4), 463–481. 

Moosavi, L. (2022). The myth of academic tolerance: The stigmatisation of East Asian students in Western higher education. Asian Ethnicity, 23(3), 484-503.

Stier, J. (2004). Taking a critical stance towards internationalization in higher education: Idealism, instrumentalism, and educationalism. Globalization, Societies, and Education, 1, 1-28. 

Stein, S., & Andreotti, V. (2016). Cash, competition, or charity: international students and the global imaginary. Higher Education72(2), 225-239.

Yao, C.W., George Mwangi, C.A., & Brown, V.K.M. (2019). Exploring the intersection of transnationalism and critical race theory: A critical race analysis of international students experiences in the United States. Race Ethnicity and Education, 22(1), 38-58.

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